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Featuring: Chelle

~ Chelle Thompson Editor@InspirationLine.com


Dear Karin,
In 1985, there came a time when the pieces starting falling into place, and the Universe opened to show me what was possible.  At age 40, after a difficult divorce from a bipolar alcoholic, I finally began a more introspective approach to life.  The first change came through Adult Children of Alcoholics group sessions (my dad was an alcoholic) and other psychological programs which were truly transformational. 
Then I happened to go to a Religious Science church service (not related to Scientology, but stemming from Christian Science). I was inspired to partake in  "The Science of Mind" courses (based upon a philosophical book written by Ernest Holmes more than 60 years ago).  From there I continued on to ministerial school.
In 1991 I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, (where I knew no one) to give something back to the world. I visited about two months ahead of time to check out living arrangements. Weary from apartment hunting, I decided to attend a weekend seminar for counselors conducted by John Lee www.jlcsonline.com .  It was there that I met Denys Cope, but didn't actually talk with her.  On Monday I went to Albuquerque Airport to go home, and ran into her in the gift shop.  We chatted briefly, I left for a bit, but came back in.  She then left the shop, but a "voice in her head" told her to return and speak with me again.  Reluctantly, but wisely, she listened to the guidance.
As we started talking I told her that I was living in California, but planned to move to Santa Fe.  She said she lived in Santa Fe, but was catching a plane to Shreveport to visit friends.  When I replied ... "Well, I've searched for days and still haven't found a place to live, so if you know anyone with a place" ....   Denys almost jumped for joy because just that day she'd quit her full-time job as a nurse in a hospital to become a free-lance Hospice Nurse; she had a two-bedroom casita and didn't know how she was going to cover the rent with the ensuing pay cut!  We both giggled like school girls, blessed the Powers that Be, and ran off to catch our respective planes.
After my move and through more synchronistic events, I found myself setting up an independent Religious Science Church and establishing a holistic center for daily workshops, classes and community events.  All the teachers and lecturers at Lightship were screened carefully to be sure that everything they presented came from a place of self-empowerment and spiritual/emotional growth.
My role was primarily directorial, involving city planning commission presentations, selection and scheduling of presenters, orchestration of fund raising campaigns, convention center shows, volunteer programs .... plus motivational lectures and the usual vacuuming and toilet cleaning.  Lightship became the first and only organization of its kind to be endorsed by the city. I published a 22-page monthly metaphysical news magazine that was given out at the Santa Fe Visitor's Bureau and distributed throughout New Mexico and various sectors of the United States. 
For the newsletter I wrote monthly commentaries, edited articles from contributors, designed ads and overall layouts, and somehow managed to get the publication out on time every month .... not an easy task when dealing with ethereal, "time is just an illusion" writers and advertisers.  We had a Board of Directors who kept the legalities in place; a loyal handful of volunteers who helped as much as they could; then I carried everything else.
The overall purpose of the project was:
"A Better World through Self-Empowerment ... Bridging the gap between metaphysical and mainstream philosophies by presenting alternative health and education therapeutics in a professional, non-threatening manner is the purpose of Lightship of Santa Fe.  Our intent is to reflect a particular level of clarity and integrity through those aligned individuals who express their unique gifts of healing, teaching and counseling at Lightship. Lightship of Santa Fe provides a remarkable gathering space for lectures, classes, meetings, workshops, weekend intensives and private sessions.  We offer a haven for both metaphysical and traditional seekers of physical, emotional and spiritual restoration.  In this integrated atmosphere individuals can reclaim their innate power and manifest their dreams. We assist authors, teachers, healers, speakers and organizations that advance human consciousness through individual evolution enhancement."
This "bridge" is not as impossible as it may seem.  Languaging is one of the primary differences between alternative and mainstream spirituality.  In reality, "meditation" is a form of "prayer" .... "living in Christ Consciousness" is another term for "taking Jesus into your heart."   Once someone focuses on "living in Christ Consciousness" (i.e. conducting their life, as much as possible, as Christ lived His life), they then realize that the power or GOoDness is within them awaiting development. It's not somewhere outside and middle-men are not a prerequisite. I've long felt that this realization is what is meant by the words "Second Coming."
The term "Lightship" refers to a state of being in which our soul's Essence or Nature is fully embodied  ... i.e. relationship with "The Light" or "Spirit" or "God" (however you personally choose).  Jesus, of course, was able to accomplish this state of being and set a blessed standard for the rest of humanity to strive for.
The project ran from 1992-1996 and touched thousands of lives.  It was, therefore, a huge success and, at the same time, it was time for me to make a choice.  Funding was sporadic and, though Lightship paid for itself, I wasn't being supported.  When it came to a matter of "it" or "me", I took the healthiest of routes by electing to close the program and return to Southern California to re-establish my financial base.  After all, wouldn't it be ironic to be teaching the tenets of "self-empowerment" and then go down the drain because I didn't take care of myself?
Closing Lightship was like losing a child ... for it WAS my baby.  After a period of grieving I woke up one morning with a "first-thought-of-the-day message" which allowed me to release the sadness and move on with my life:

1.  I had not failed.  Lightship had improved the lives of thousands of individuals, some significantly, others in more subtle ways.
2.  Beyond that, it was a simply a matter of completion — the project had run its course in its present form.  While I could orchestrate the self- empowerment approach of the teachers, I could not do the same with the participants.  Many people who came to Santa Fe preferred to "dabble" in their personal growth, wanting answers given to them and decisions made "predictively" for them.  Personal evolution is a blend of body, mind and spirit; psychological healing cannot be abandoned for a strictly spiritual approach, nor vice versa.  Yet most seemed to shun really serious programs that offered "core issue" work — in favor of the more esoteric ones.  (Little did they know that the presenters in those esoteric programs ALSO taught "accountability" and did not let folks just slide by without looking deeply into themselves.)  So that phase of "the mission" had, indeed, been accomplished.
3.  From an ego standpoint, I'd created something no one else had ever done (before or since) — in such a way that, with the "woo-woo" removed, Credibility was obvious.  The city government had previously shied away from metaphysical, holistic, alternative concepts, but seeing them clearly created a bridge of understanding.  I was the only holistic person to ever attend City Planning Commission meetings.
Through a wonderful shift of fate, in December 1999,  I returned to Santa Fe to marry Bruce, my best friend of 8 years ... sort of the "When Harry Met Sally" story.  Bruce is one of the finest "Beings" I've met in my lifetime.  He is also a well-respected builder who is trusted for his integrity and the craftsmanship of his homes.

In 2001, a series of incredible events opened another door.  I created a motivational website called www.InspirationLine.com with a weekly e-zine that now reaches 98 countries worldwide.  Like Lightship, the intent of Inspiration Line is to "show  What Is Possible — for, in choosing new perspectives, we can change ourselves from the inside out and improve our relationships, our community and our planet."   The Inspiration Line e-zine is a resource for people seeking guidance and encouragement ... indeed, a continuation of the newsletters I published for Lightship.
As always, my approach is not tied to a specific religion, nor to definitively New Age, Eastern, whatever, philosophy ... it's more of an overall spiritual, psychologically-therapeutic, growth-oriented vehicle to self-empowerment. The sacred spiral in the Inspiration Line logo symbolizes "birth"  ... "life's journey"  ..... or in this case: personal evolution towards "Lightship".

......more from Chelle
Snow fell on the adobe, the air was chilled with frost,
I'd made the trek to Santa Fe, abandoning all cost.
It wasn't due to boredom or discontent I'd gone,
'Twas spiritual evolvement, a purpose yet undone.
Why I'd quit my bubble of security and friends
Was a matter of intention, to inspire a Cosmic Spin.
My head succumbed to heart-sense as I shifted into Soul,
Creating the allowance in which miracles unfold.
Gifts showed up at every turn, the picture became clear,                               
Pieces slipped in place with ease, I only had to "hear"'                                       
The choice to step out fearlessly and trust the Truth that IS,                   
Encouraged and impelled me to keep following my Bliss.
En route I faced a snowstorm, another chance to know                                           
That fear is but illusion, we're safe within the Flow;                                               
As I surrendered and released, inner peace returned,                                        
Spirit took the wheel again ... the metaphor re-learned.
When I arrived in Santa Fe, I felt embraced yet free,
Surrounded by an atmosphere of sacred energy.
Artistic in its beauty, historic in its span,
A consciousness of Oneness to perpetuate The Plan.
Two weeks in town I asked myself, "Why haven't I done more?"
The Voice Within reminded me what I'd moved here for;
My worth lies not in doing it's BEING that's my task,
Bringing in the Light We Are is why we're on The Path.
At first the nights were lonely, a time to be with me,                                            
The Essence of my spirit was bursting from its seed;                                        
The stars seemed so much brighter, a kinship and a bond,                                    
A link in space to all I AM ... and destinies beyond.
Magical occurrences enraptured and amazed,                                                      
I never knew the outcome until I turned the page;                                                
No predicting and dissecting details by degree,                                                
My focus now was centered, revealing Me to me. 
Days of insight brought me keys for opening up my heart;
Unlocking portals in the walls that kept me set apart.
Distance is still distance when I give but don't receive,
Separation's not the answer, it's VULNERABILITY.
Copyright ©1991 Chelle Layne Thompson

~ Chelle Thompson Editor@InspirationLine.com

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